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All bookings are discussed and accepted on an individual basis

Depending on the size or nature of the event one of four criteria will apply:

      1. Attendance Fee

      2. Collection Only

      3. Attendance Fee and Collection

      4. Special Arrangement (Charity Supported on the Day and Terms)

Booking Terms

All bookings for a display are accepted in good faith without any liability either direct, consequential, implied, financial or in any other form.

Given that we are a volunteer group we cannot guarantee to honor any booking we will endeavor to do the following for any booking in descending order:

      1. Full attendance and display as agreed.

      2. Partial attendance and display.

      3. Apologetic attendance for no display.

      4. No attendance at all.

Health & Safety

We carry our own Public Liability Insurance


We require the following for any Display

A secure roped arena as we are large and lumbering.

Suitable announcements to keep the public out of the display area.


We do what we do for charity and we are all volunteers and in these days of litigation we cannot personally afford to be liable for non attendance. That is why we do what we do without any obligation either actual or implied.

We are a fun group who love the buzz of what we do and would hate to let our reputation down.


The Red Barrows

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