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The Mk 15 Red Barrow

Tailor made for the team ........ An awesome piece of technology that makes us what we are.



Capacity:     85 litre

Tyres:        155/70 R12

Pressure:     3 Bar

Bodywork:    0.3mm Steel

Airframe:     30mm Diameter 3mm Steel

The Mk1 Rapid deployment unit

The Mk 15 Barrow is an awesome beast on it’s own........

Coupled with our unique rapid deployment unit the Red Barrows can be ready to perform in an instant.


Fueled by 2 pints of IPA or Fosters

(Can of COKE in an emergency).

The Red Barrows can be ready to perform within 15 min. of arrival.

However recovery and rearming for a second performance is inversely proportional to startup time.

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